June 28, 2020
June 28, 2020
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Facebook allows businesses, organizations and public figures to connect with customers, fans and constituents through the website. Businesses and other brands create pages where they can post content, provide organizational news, offer deals, introduce products and manage customer service relationships. They also can reach a large number of people with targeted advertising, creating ads specifically for Facebook that are tailored to appear on the pages of specific groups of people they hope to reach.

Facebook is a business that has a purpose of creating revenue, enriching investors and providing jobs. Because it does not charge users for having Facebook pages, it needs to generate revenue from other sources. Facebook produces most of its revenue from advertising, including ads for both large and small advertisers. Facebook’s advertising products include self-serve advertising, in which advertisers create and organize their own Facebook campaigns through an online service and interactive ads. Facebook also makes money through its virtual gift store, which allows users to buy virtual gifts for each other.

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